Tanya Tagaq joins star-studded list of performers at Carnegie Hall for the Pathway to Paris climate justice event


Continuing her landmark ascent into stardom, Tanya Tagaq joins Patti Smith, Michael Stipe, Cat Power, Talib Kweli, Flea, and others, for a Pathway to Paris climate justice event at Carnegie Hall. In the lead up to COP 23 taking place in Bonn, Germany, Pathway to Paris in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme are organizing a concert event at Carnegie Hall with incredible musicians and leading thinkers to highlight the importance of making Paris Agreement a reality. Pathway to Paris will be announcing a new initiative at the event called 1000 cities, inviting all cities of the world to transition to 100% renewables by 2040. All proceeds from the event will be donated to 350.org, Pathway to Paris, and the UNDP.

Meanwhile, Tagaq just put out her latest music video, "Sivulivinivut," and recently released a new track, "Frostbite" for Adult Swim's singles series.

Listen to the Adult Swim single here. Watch the new video here. Learn more about Tanya Tagaq here.

Jenny Scheinman's Kannapolis - a critical darling


Jenny Scheinman continues to earn glowing critical acclaim for her live music and film project Kannapolis: A Moving Portrait, and the accompanying album, Here On Earth. Kannapolis has already traveled to many major venues, including the National Gallery of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, U of Vermont, Middlebury College, the Capitol Center for the Arts, U of Missouri, U of St. Joseph, Portland Ovations, and many others, with goals to bring it to the West Coast in the upcoming season as it continues to tour throughout the U.S.

Here are just a few of the many recent press highlights:

  • "Packed with moments of joyous ecstasy and wind-swept solemnity... [Scheinman is] a meticulous interpreter of emotion and a composer of cinematic vision and scope... Timeless."

    Brian Zimmerman, Downbeat Magazine 
  • "At their bittersweet best, Scheinman and company both evoked and musically commented upon the broader aspects of the period culture... a presentation that confirmed the powers of film and music to provide materials for a deeper understanding of, as well as a fuller appreciation for, the times of our lives."

     Steve Feeney, Portland Press Herald 
  • "A dusty yet revelatory blast from the past... Scheinman's songs celebrate Kannapolis, North Carolina's alter ego as the City of Looms, meditate on small-town movie culture, and contain at least one immortal line in "You got those 'n' I got these, / I can share my cooties with who I please."

    Richard Gehr, The Village Voice

Learn more about Jenny Scheinman's Kannapolis: A Moving Portrait here.

Pablo Ziegler releases new Trio CD: Jazz Tango


Tango maestro Pablo Ziegler's latest trio album Jazz Tango has been earning high praise from critics.

Here are some highlights:

  • "Romantic, moving, kinetic, majestic and sexy... with only guitar (Claudio Ragazzi) and that lovable, ever-present squeezebox accordion known as a bandoneon (Hector Del Curto), Ziegler makes magic."

    Mike Greenblatt, Goldmine Magazine
  • "The music moves as if it possessed its own blood and limbs, and renders the tango a sinewy and electric thing, a move that impresses old and new fans alike."

    Dodie Miller-Gould, Lemonwire
  • "A masterful work by a master that loves tango so much he'd rather use his energy and smarts to move the form forward in fine style rather than keep it embalmed in amber."

    Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Learn more about the Pablo Ziegler JazzTango Trio here.

Paul Dresher's Sound Maze fascinates visitors young and old


Acclaimed composer, performer and instrument inventor Paul Dresher continues to bring wonder to curious audiences and museum-goers with his interactive installation known as Sound Maze.

Writes Leah Garchik for The San Francisco Chronicle:

"Fascinated adults listened to explanations, and kids jumped into action, making noise by hitting, strumming, pinging Dresher's instruments... I watched as 5-year-old Felix Boucou, who was there with his mom, played the Big Wheel. He picked up a variety of wooden balls, sent them down a chute, turned a wheel to pop them against a wooden surface and bounce them through a hole, through which they went cascading down a set of metal pipes. Young Felix moved from one side to the other, reaching up for those balls, bending down to listen to that silvery sound. He set a great example, so I did it, too."

Get the full SF Chronicle article and video feature here (scroll down to the second half for the section about Sound Maze). Learn more about Paul Dresher's Sound Maze here.

Yumi Kurosawa releases her solo Koto arrangement of Vivaldi's Four Seasons

The newest addition to the Bernstein Artists roster, koto virtuoso Yumi Kurosawa, released her latest album, her exquisite solo koto arrangement of Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons. 

Listen to a movement here. Learn more about Yumi Kurosawa here.