Yumi Kurosawa

with special guest Anubrata Chatterjee


Koto visionary Yumi Kurosawa teams up with world-renowned tabla player Anubrata Chatterjee for a program that brings together two expressive musical traditions, bridging the cultures of Japan and India. The performance illuminates the deep-rooted similarities of their craft while highlighting their affinity and respect for one another as virtuosic performers furthering their own timeless musical traditions. Kurosawa and Chatterjee spin mesmerizing musical tales as they enchant the audience and reinforce the powerful idea of music as a means to enhance the collaborative spirit of our global community.

Kurosawa’s performance with Chatterjee arises out of their fascination with other cultures and their instrumental histories, specifically the history and tradition of roots instruments. With the koto being one of the country’s most ancient and beloved instruments, Kurosawa sought to collaborate with other international roots artists, seeking a merging of two traditions that would create a new music. In our age of globalization, Kurosawa and Chatterjee's collaboration speaks to the idea of music as a unifying force, demonstrating how each tradition has inherent musical similarities while at the same time retaining their individual characteristics and expression.

This program is also available with hip-hop dancer Virgil Gadson. Find details here.

"An inventive, seemingly cosmopolitan composer... Ms. Kurosawa presents her themes gracefully and then undertakes intricate, sometimes adventurous variations, drawing on a timbral palette that ranged from warm and rounded to bright and metallic... chromatic, harplike swirls, fluid chordal figures and alluring bent notes."

Allann Kozinn, The New York Times

"Purbayan was brilliantly accompanied on tabla by another chip off the old block, Anubrata Chatterjee, the talented son and disciple of Pandit Anindo Chatterjee. The remarkable thing about this mesmerising concert was their mutual understanding and respect for each other. Anubrata would enjoy the nuances of sitar while maintaining a steady theka... reciprocating crisply with equal virtuosity."

Manjari Sinha, The Hindu

Watch Yumi & Anubrata perform live at Japan Society:

Listen to Yumi Kurosawa accompanied by tabla, from her album "Looking Up At The Sky":

Koto - Yumi Kurosawa; Tabla - Deep Singh

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