The incomparable Tanya Tagaq delivers material from her highly-anticipated new album, Retribution, her follow-up to 2014's Polaris Prize-winning Animism. She is joined by vocal chameleon Christine Duncan, along with regular collaborators drummer Jean Martin and violinist Jesse Zubot, in a boundary-pushing exploration of tone, timbre, texture, and the outer limits of human expression — "an altogether new form." (The Toronto Star)

"Nobody, anywhere, sounds like she does."

The Globe and Mail

Photo by Katrin Braga

"A range of performed emotion far beyond what is often allotted to female musicians. The songs on Retribution encompass terror, rage, ecstasy, adoration and bone-leeching sadness, and they do so with a seemingly uninterrupted line of communication to their source."

NPR Music

"Tagaq projects sounds that carry the imprint of the body’s secret contours and recesses, delving far beyond personal utterance, out beyond human identity, to summon voices from the flesh cavity haunts of animal spirits and primal energies."

The Wire

"Her voice flickers like a sonic candle, rising and fading with the music. It becomes guttural as Tagaq drops to her knees, and she chitters high and desperate as she flutters her hands about her face. She sings no discernible words - it's as if she were speaking in tongues... Her work is her way of probing that interconnectedness and providing her viewers with the relief of communion."

The Los Angeles Times

"To witness Tanya Tagaq perform live is to experience a species of primal/visceral/guttural channeling-cum-exorcism... an altogether new form."

The Toronto Star

"Fiercely contemporary... Recalling animal noises and various other nature sounds, she was a dynamo, delivering a sort of gothic sound art while she stalked the small basement stage with feral energy."

The New York Times