Pablo Ziegler Solo: "Just For You"
Sirius Quartet
Rob Schwimmer: Solo Piano & Theremin
Pablo Ziegler Quartet: Tango Suites
Aritmia: Merima Ključo & Miroslav Tadić
Yumi Kurosawa
Donal Fox Solo Piano: In the Pursuit of Truth and Beauty
Dresher Davel Invented Instrument Duo
Pablo Ziegler JazzTango Trio
Cyro Baptista's Banquet of the Spirits
Donal Fox Inventions Trio: Scarlatti Jazz Suite
Tanya Tagaq: Retribution
Jenny Scheinman's Kannapolis: A Moving Portrait
Two To Tango: Pablo Ziegler & Christopher O'Riley
Anthony de Mare's Liasions2020: Re-Imagining Sondheim from the Piano
Cyro Baptista: Villa-Lobos / Vira Loucos
The Sarajevo Haggadah: Music of the Book
Paul Dresher's Sound Maze
Donal Fox & Quincy Troupe: Star-Spangled Banner Fractured
Jenny Scheinman: Mischief & Mayhem
Paul Dresher's Double Duo
12 Hours: Argentina Meets Japan
Tanya Tagaq in concert with Nanook of the North
Paul Dresher & Amy X Neuburg: They Will Have Been So Beautiful
Anthony de Mare & Emanuele Arciuli: The American Explorer
Paul Dresher & Steven Schick: Schick Machine
Okaidja Afroso
A Moving Sound
Kathleen Tagg & Andre Petersen: Where Worlds Collide
Pablo Ziegler & Lara St. John: Piazzolla's Central Park Concert
Fox Wolf Duo
Pablo Ziegler: Tango Meets Jazz
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