Pablo Ziegler Solo: "Just For You"

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Composer and pianist Pablo Ziegler follows-up his Grammy win for Best Latin Jazz Album with a new album and program that sees him embark on an unfamiliar but exciting journey: "Solo / Pablo Ziegler", released by Steinway & Sons, is his first record of unaccompanied piano solos, featuring new compositions by Ziegler alongside arrangements of pieces by Juan Carlos Cobián, Alejandro Dolina, and Ziegler's mentor, Astor Piazzolla. In conjunction with this album, Ziegler offers an adventurous new program, "Just For You", an enchanting evening of solo piano that draws upon Pablo's rich history as a performer and composer of the nuevo tango.

While Ziegler is accustomed to playing his music with orchestra or small ensemble, this new solo program is a natural extension of his love and affinity for his instrument. He says: “The piano is a way to have a conversation for me; I express my feelings through piano rather than words. I always hear music in my mind, and the piano has always accompanied my journey.” 

"Just For You" is an intimate invitation into Pablo's private musical world, a journey through his multi-faceted history, and a thrilling conversation with the nuevo tango maestro who has many surprising stories left to tell.


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