Tango maestro Pablo Ziegler — the Grammy-winning pianist and composer who helped shape the modern tango — delivers stripped-down, jazz-tinged arrangements of his essential repertoire, offering a raw, elemental concert program.

From fiery, improvised solos to delicately woven ensemble playing, the trio delivers unmatched readings of beloved works by Ziegler, as well as modern classics by his late, longtime collaborator Astor Piazzolla. As one the most important living interpreters of nuevo tango, a concert by Pablo Ziegler offers a chance to witness part the living history of this vital musical tradition.

"Pablo Ziegler doesn't merely carry the torch passed to him by Astor Piazzolla; he adds his own breadth of flame to it as well."

All About Jazz

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"Ziegler continues to push the art form forward... nuevo tango's leading living exponent."

All About Jazz

"There's no question that Ziegler takes the tango to levels of sophistication and refinement probably undreamed of by Piazzolla."

The Chicago Tribune

"No one embodies the art of the tango better."

Lincoln Journal Star

"He is cool, understated and makes everything look easy and natural... just as a really suave tango dancer seems not to move with feet but on wheels, Ziegler skates the keyboard."

The Los Angeles Times