Paul Dresher's Double Duo combines traditional chamber instruments with newly invented instruments in a wholly unique concert music experience.

One duo features Bang on a Can All Stars founding pianist Lisa Moore with violinist and longtime Dresher collaborator Karen Bentley Pollick. The other duo features a pair of newly invented instruments a Marimba Lumina played by percussionist Joel Davel, along with Paul Dresher's own invention: the Quadrachord, a 14-foot long guitar-like stringed instrument that is plucked, bowed, hammered, strummed, looped and sampled.

The program features several major works by Dresher, including "In The Nameless" and "Glimpsed From Afar," as well as classic duo, trio and quartet repertoire from John Adams, John Cage and Martin Bresnick.

"One of the most interesting among the current scene of active composers."

San Francisco Classical Music Examiner

"The poetic quality of the music soon expanded into thunderous percussive sonorities... The audience threw concert tradition to the wind and showed their appreciation with cheers, whistles and stamping."

City News (Australia)

Audio: Paul Dresher's Double Duo on WNYC

Audio: Paul Dresher's Double Duo Live on RadioNational (Australia)